God Only Knows

A lame Lutecest fic

“Coming to the rehearsal?” Robert said, fidgeting with his tie before straightening his jacket. Rosalind gave a sigh, pursed her lips in a manner that told him no, she would not be attending, and reached over to readjust his tie.

“Surely you’re not serious. That talentless noise? Besides, if they are to give a live performance in a few days’ time anyway, why rehearse publicly? Cry for attention, if you ask me.”

“All I’ve asked is if you’d like to come,” Robert retorted, giving her a slight grin. “Besides, I’ve heard the song is one of Fink’s. The younger, of course.”

“And what relevance does that have?”

“Word on the street is that he’s been seeing tears.”

At this, Rosalind’s interest increased tenfold. Her eyes widened, and she looked to her brother in astonishment. The tears, to her, were nothing new. But there had been word of them randomly appearing, and since the implementation of that thing upon the girl, there should not have been tears anywhere. To hear that Albert Fink might be using them…

“Have we done wrong, Robert?”

Robert’s brow twitched. “Pardon?”

“I fear… I fear all of this is some indication that all we have done has been… well, an abomination.”

“Oh, there are many abominations in science,” Robert said casually.

“Yes…” She looked slowly up at her brother. So near to her, but still so far. She sometimes still thought of him as an illusion, and sometimes only by seeing his name on the mail convinced her that he really existed. She wished there was something more substantial that they shared, something that set the groundwork for what they both believed to be a relationship that transcended love itself.

Robert, sensing her thoughts as he always seemed to, cocked his head. “Do you regret bringing me here?”

True fear seized her normally stoic face, and she grabbed both of his hands, clutching them tightly within her own. “Robert, if you should ever leave me, though my life would still go on, this world could show me nothing. So what good would living do me, without you?”

Concern slipped into calm quiet. Robert smiled in that strange way that Rosalind never could. He was able to make himself seem so friendly, so enchanting.  She was always so stoic, fearless but, for the most part, humorless as well.

She relaxed and let out a small chuckle, cupping Robert’s warm hand against her cheek. He spoke in reply, his voice gentle and loving, making every doubt fly from Rosalind’s heart like shadows fleeing the light.

“God only knows what I’d be without you.”

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